How to Get A Good Deal for Lump Sum Structured Asset Funding?

Purchasers of structured settlement are for those who need their payment the most, especially if they are victims of personal injury, medical negligence or some other life debilitating problems that cause them to suffer illness/injuries for a very long time. This form of lump sum structured asset funding helps them manage and fund their medical expenses in a systematic and smooth manner.

Structured settlements under pending lawsuits, annuities etc can allow you to sell some part of or your entire set of future payments pertaining to  genuinely serious issues.

Lump Sum Structured Asset Funding:

Structured asset services offer structured settlement funding which can be used in situations like:

#Buying a home:

It is indeed a herculean task to buy one’s own home these days especially when paucity of funds is a glaring issue. Using lump sum structured funding can help you buy that elusive dream house without denting your budget. It is a great strategy to invest the money you have.

#Repaying a debt:

Struggling to repay a long-standing debt is not a good feeling?

Why wait when you have a credible option to get it done with?

You can erase those exorbitant high-interest bills by methodically leveraging lump sum structured asset funding and put the cash to good use by being structured settlement purchasers.


Everybody deserves a break from time to time! If you have ever felt constrained by the perennial problem of lack of funds to fructify your passion for traveling, then again, structured settlement can come to you rescue and help you finance some of your dream vacations.

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That being said, remember that misusing the essence of structured settlements to finance fancy and luxury-based fantasies will be defeating its very purpose. It should ideally be used to fund immediate medical or other emergent expenses that need your urgent attention because emergency is an uninvited guest.

How to negotiate the terms with the provider of lump sum structured settlement services

  • The first step is to contact the structured funding company which claims to, or you think, will be able to offer you the lump sum structured funding that you need. Hire the services of a financial expert who will give you a clear picture about the worth of your potential payments. The expert will also help you take a call on whether you should sell some portion of your payments or all of it.
  • Next is to wait for the service provider to come up with a mutually beneficial offer of lump sum structured asset funding that is suited to your specific needs. It is a good idea to let the company know that you expect nothing less than a customized offer from them.
  • The third step will entail you gauging the pros and cons of the offer after careful consideration. After this, the company will undertake structured asset holdings and the completion of process that will get you the money that you need.


You must remember that it is the structured settlement asset funding company which will be retaining some part of your settlement money as a profit. Since each case has different complexities and nuances, you may want to contact the firm directly to figure out the worth of your customized structured settlements.

All companies will claim to ‘give you the best possible deal’, but you need to do your own background research with lump sum reviews and separate good offers from mediocre ones.

Keeping these factors in mind and based on sustained research, you will find that most purchasers of structured settlement will typically impose a fee of 10-20% while others charge even higher. For the purpose of pre-settlement funding, most lenders charge extremely high interest rates, so you should watch out for these factors.